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Walker Medical Instructional Services is an area leader in training Certified Nurse Aides in acute care advanced skills.  The Patient Care Tech is also known as a Nurse Tech or a Patient Care Assistant.  Our students, upon completing the 180 hour program, are trained and able to nationally certify through the National Health Career Association.

The writing of the program and the clinical undertaking took nearly two years to come to fruition. This program is actually a combination of 3 curriculum recommended by area hospitals, and two working models used by area hospitals. It is available to certified CNA's upon director approval in three separate modules: Acute Care Skills, Phlebotomy, & ECG Technician.  Students can enroll in one, two, or choose to complete all three of the modules.

Our graduates have become invaluable members of the medical community and are trained to work in area hospitals, medical emergency/urgent care centers, blood banks, hospices and doctor’s offices. Here is a preview of some of the skill areas that will be covered:

Acute Care Skills:
Medical terminology, hospital professional services, documentation and various departmental responsibilities, anatomy & physiology, infection control, vital signs, medical records (charting and obtaining health histories), assistance with physical examinations, specimen collection, patient focused care, dressing changes (clean & sterile), tube feedings, IV care, respiratory/oxygen therapy.  Clinical time will include assisting patients with their daily ADL’s, specimen collection, dressing changes and assisting medical staff with setting up a sterile environment and special procedures.

Phlebotomy Technician:
History & role of phlebotomy, doctor’s orders, blood glucose testing, laboratory supplies, tube selection, labeling specimens, venipuncture procedures and sites (acceptable & unacceptable), anatomy & physiology specific to the venous system, reasons for specimen rejection. Clinical time will include a minimum of 50 live patient blood draws to meet national standards.

ECG Technician:
Anatomy & Physiology specific to the cardiovascular system, coronary circulation, cardiac electro-physiology, patient rights/safety, infection control, ECG materials and equipment, identification of basic and life threatening dysrhythmias. Clinical time will include performing 12-lead ECG’s as ordered on patients in a medical setting.

As in all our programs, we will stress dependability, compassion and professionalism while teaching them to be competent in the many skills required to meet the qualifications for national certification. We believe our graduates will become integral employees for our local Health Care Systems. They will be versatile in many skills and functional in many different roles.

Daytime classes are scheduled on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm.

Evening classes are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5:30 pm to 10:00 pm.


Jan 13 - Feb 6, 2014              AM OR PM          Acute Module

Eligible Starters: Full PCTs or Phelb/Acute students


Feb 10 - March 6, 2014         AM OR PM Phlebotomy Module           

Eligible Starters: Full PCT students only         


Mar 10 - 27, 2014                   AM OR PM ECG Module

Eligible Starters:   Full PCTs or ECG only students


Mar 31 - April 24, 2014          AM OR PM Acute Module

Eligible Starters: Full PCTs or Phelb/Acute students


April 28 - May 22, 2014          AM OR PM Phlebotomy Module

Eligible Starters: Full PCT students only


May 26 - June 12, 2014         AM OR PM ECG Module

Eligible Starters: Full PCTs or ECG only students


June 16 - July 10, 2014        AM OR PM Acute Module

Eligible Starters: Full PCTs or Phelb/Acute students


July 14 - Aug 7, 2014 AM OR PM Phlebotomy Module

Eligible Starters: Full PCT students only


Aug 11 - 28, 2014                 AM OR PM ECG Module

Eligible Starters: Full PCTs or ECG only students 

Pre-registration is required see below

Want to get registered and wondering what to do next? All students need to come in to our offices, complete paperwork and put down a $250.00 deposit to hold their spot in class. Office hours are listed on the home page.


Students are required to have a current State of Michigan CNA certification.

Students must be a recent graduate of a state approved CNA course and/or have 6 months experience in the last 6 months and/or be a CNA and a nursing student in the upper level nursing programs.

Students must be able to pass a drug screen, criminal background check, and produce a negative result on a TB test. Students will have to begin their Hepatitis B series of shots.  Students must produce a childhood immunization record or have titers drawn to show proof of MMR, Chicken pox and Hep B.

Students will need to be able to pass a basic reading/writing and comprehension test on an 8th grade level.

Students who are not graduates of Walker Medical may be required to attend our CNA State Test Review Class to insure your skill level is up to Walker Medical and our clinical partner's expected standards.

All student admission is subject to the approval of the Director.



Paid to Walker Medical Instructional Services.

Books, Equipment, immunizations, exams, etc are paid to outside vendors. 


Phlebotomy & Acute Care Skills Module I & II

Tuition: $4,500.00

Fees: $343.00

(includes $57.00 mandatory fees & $286.00 in potential fees** depending on immunizations needed etc.)

Book:    $ 120.00

National Exam:  $159.00

$250.00* deposit                                 

EKG Technician-Module III

Tuition: $2,050.00

Fees: $ 57.50

Book: $ 30.00

National Exam: $159.00

$250.00* deposit                                 

Full Patient Care Technician Program (all three modules) 

Tuition  $5,000.00

(a tuition savings of $1,550.00 for all three modules!)

Fees:   $343.00

(Includes $57.00 mandatory fees & $286.00 potential fees** depending on immunizations needed etc)

Books:     $150.00

National Exam: $360.00


Students must sign up for all three modules combined upon application to receive the discount. 

$250* deposit


We have a fabulous & painless new in-house payment plan!

How painless is it?

· Download the new student app, payment plan app (from our website or you can fill both out here) and Michigan certified nurse aide registry card.

· Bring the applications and registration fee of $265.00 (PCT) to our office.

· We load your bank data & desired monthly withdraw date into the computer system.

· We give you vouchers to purchase your books and equipment.

· You START class in the next open day or evening class of your choice!


Students can finance their tuition, books, equipment and test fees.

· 2 years for CNA,

· 3 years for individual PCT modules,

· 4 years for PCT,

· 5 years for combo CNA/PCT financing,


Approximate monthly payment:

· $65 a month or less for 2 week CNA classes,

· $70 a month or less for 3 week CNA classes,

· $80 a month or less for 6 week CNA classes,

· $135.00 a month or less for PCT classes,

· $130.00 a month or less for CNA/PCT financed together.


 *250.00 non-refundable registration fee will not be refunded if a student drops prior to the class orientation. 

Walker Medical Instructional Services accepts students on a first come first serve basis based on when they get their deposits or MI Works! confirmation of sponsorship letters in.

**Other possible costs may include a TB skin test, Hepatitis B series of shots, proper equipment needed for students who didn't graduate as a WMIS CNA, classes required to check CNA clinical skill levels, etc.  Other items not included in the **possible costs that students may incur are fees for titers drawn and booster shots for immunizations and copy charges for doctors offices to copy immunization files.